Starts at $210 Per Night

Family Safari Tent

320 sq/ft
5 beds
1 bathroom

Description – Starlight Retreat Family sized safari tent is 320 sq/ft on the inside, has beds for 6 guests, and includes a 96 sq/ft shaded exterior deck. You’ll enjoy acres of stunning forest, meadows, and aspen groves on property; yet only several minutes from hwy 20 and 19 minutes to West Yellowstone. It has 1 King, and 2 twin bunk beds for a total of 4 twin beds, each with their own bedding and extra blankets.

You’ll enjoy AC electrical from solar power, interior lighting, extra blankets and be walking distance from shared bathrooms with hot showers. If you want to book more than one tent for larger parties, you can book this same listing twice or reach out to us to confirm.

Our safari tent season is June 1st to Sept 30. Come join us for our opening season in 2023!

The Space

Our Family Safari Tent is roomy yet cozy inside. With a 320 sq/ft interior, it will feel surprisingly spacious. It includes fresh linens and extra thick comforters for each bed. There’s also extra blankets in each unit to keep you warm in the coldest of nights. It gets warm during the summer days, but summer nights can drop down into the 40’s which is why we don’t have air conditioning.

We’re the only eco friendly glamping site near west Yellowstone to supply 3 prong AC electrical, all off grid and solar powered, to every accommodation. This will power all your interior tent lighting, and allow you to charge all your devices, even laptops that take a standard 2 or 3 prong AC wall plug. Please note that it will not power small appliances or CPAP machines and since it is solar powered it is weather dependent. Units are cleaned before each guest check in but not during your stay. Towels are provided upon request.

The tent we have is upgraded from what’s pictured. The sidewalls are 2 feet taller so it feels huge inside. We also have a different furniture layout.
– King bed
– 2 bunk beds, each with 2 twin beds for a total of 4 twin beds
– Nightstands with lights
– Storage chest
– Rug

Restrooms are walking distance and shared with other guests. We offer toilets, sinks and hot showers, all off grid. We can also provide you with fresh bath towels.

Our Safari tents will be set up by June 1st and the season ends Sept 30th. The tents are waterproof so we do operate in all weather conditions. It’s easy to forget this is still camping so please remember to plan for the weather, that includes warm/cold weather, rain, mud, and even snow during some months.

One of the main goals of our site is to allow guest to disconnect from their busy lives and connect with nature. As such we chose not to include wifi. However, if you need to connect to data, all 5G cell carriers that we’ve tested have acceptable to great cell coverage on our property.

Guest Access

At a quick 19 minute drive from the main Yellowstone gate, only several minutes off HWY 20, surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes and some of the best fishing in the country, Starlight Retreat is in an ideal location for your Yellowstone vacation.

Here you’ll have access to all acres of forest on site as well as miles and miles of trails all through the forest behind our property, perfect for mountain biking, jogging, hiking or a side by side. The area has hundreds of miles of ATV trails connecting rivers, lakes and Yellowstone.

Love fishing? You’re only .8 miles to the closest river and another mile to world famous fishing destination, Henry’s lake. Plus you’ll find miles of world class river fishing and stunning waterfalls all over Island park. Good luck finding better fishing on the planet. There’s a reason they call this area sportsman’s paradise.

Free parking on site marked by naturally fallen timbers. You may have to walk as much as a few hundred feet to your tent, feel free to use our off road luggage carts if you feel the need.

Access Starlight Retreat by exiting Hwy 20 at Red Rock Rd, first right on bootjack drive, Starlight Retreat will be 1,000 feet down the road on your left, follow signs for parking.


Other Details

This is glamping, which is still a form of camping, so there are a few things to be prepared for that will be different than a hotel stay.

– WEATHER The tent is not insulated like a house, it also is not temperature controlled with a thermostat. That means the temperature will fluctuate through the day. Mid day it will be warm, and in the morning it will be cold. Overwhelmingly guests have reported back that they stay cozy and warm under the comforters even when the tent cools down through the night. To us this is one of the best things about camping, waking up to a cool tent, still cozy and warm in your bed to the sound of the birds chirping and the sun lighting up the side of the tent. Somehow it makes cuddling with loved ones even better.

– WILDLIFE One of the unique draws to this area is its amazing variety of wildlife. The ones our guests should be aware of are bears, insects, cows and dogs.

– Bears. Although most bears are mostly found inside the national park, they can travel distances and have a great sense of smell. We do not want them interacting with you or any other guests so we have a rule at Starlight Retreat Yellowstone of no food, deodorant, toothpaste or anything else with a strong scent inside the tents. Please leave your food inside your car with the windows closed, most cars will do a great job of limiting smells from escaping but it’s even better if you put them inside ziplock containers as well. For added peace of mind, you’re welcome to store those things inside our shipping container. Additionally, you can request a can of bear spray to have in your tent during your stay as well (although we don’t have any reason to believe any guest will need to use it). Please leave the bear spray behind as you check out. If you take it with you, we’ll assume you wanted to purchase it. We sell them for $50/can and we will simply charge your card on file.

– Insects. Every forest has insects, including mosquitos, we suggest everyone bring bug spray when they go anywhere in the outdoors.

– Cows. We work with local ranchers and allow cows to graze on site, they usually only come on property in September/October, don’t be alarmed if you see them, it’s perfectly OK and expected. Although relatively harmless, treat them as a wild animal and keep your distance.

– Dogs. We only allow dogs with special permission. If you have a service dog or must bring your dog, please contact us first. Yellowstone NP does not allow you to have a dog outside of the parking lot. You’ll have to leave it in your car if you want to go see any sights.

– TENT USE Before checkout we kindly ask that you leave the sheets out so we can know which ones need to be cleaned. Also please close the door on your tent.

We have off grid mini solar power stations for each unit. You just need to power it on to use it.

– OPTIONAL EXTRAS You may want some of our other optional extras, these can be purchased on site, before you arrive on our website, or through the link in your booking confirmation.

They include:

$10/night – Pack and Play rental

$20 – Two hour early check in, allows you to check in as early as 2pm.

Room Facilities

  • AC Electrical Outlets AC Electrical Outlets
  • Body wash, and shampoo. Body wash, and shampoo.
  • Central Fire Pit Central Fire Pit
  • Extra Comforter Extra Comforter
  • Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alarm Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Free Parking Free Parking
  • Fresh bath towels, Linens, pillows. Fresh bath towels, Linens, pillows.
  • Games Games
  • Hot Showers Hot Showers
  • Mosquito Netting Mosquito Netting
  • Outdoor Dining Area Outdoor Dining Area

Additional Services

Family Safari Tent

2 Hour Early Check-In

$20 / Room

Want to check in 2 hours early? No problem, we'll rush to make sure your room is ready. Including this upgrade allows you to arrive as early as 2pm instead of 4pm.

Family Safari Tent

Pack 'n Play

$10 / Night

We have limited quantities of pack n plays so we highly suggest you reserve one in advance.

Room Rules

  • - Check-in: After 4:00 PM

  • - Check-out: 11:00 AM

  • - Come to the check in center as you arrive, say hi, get some travel tips, and get your tent/unlock code/parking info.

  • - There are bears in this part of the world, Although we've never seen one, we ask that every guest keep ALL food, deodorant, toothpaste and other fragrant products in their car and never in the tent. Each tent has 1 can of bear spray although your chances of needing to use it are nearly zero.

  • - You're welcome to eat outdoors on the picnic tables near the central fire pit.

  • - No smoking, vaping or drug abuse anywhere on property.

  • - Quiet hours are 10pm to 7am

Check Availabity

1 Room , 1 Adult , 0 Children