Pro Tips

December 27, 2022 2023-09-18 8:27

Pro Tips/rules to make the most of your stay


Get to Yellowstone Early

Yellowstone is the first/oldest national park on the planet. People travel from all across the world to see it. During peak season it can get busy, especially at the main geyser parking lots. So beating the crowds by getting there early helps a lot when it comes to getting around and parking. The grand prismatic spring probably has the toughest parking at the park.

Plan on 2 Days Minimum

If you want to quickly see everything at Yellowstone, you’ll want 2 days at least. Mostly because the park is so spread out. If you want to spend more time at a slower pace to really enjoy your time, or take on some backcountry hiking, you may consider 4-7 days more appropriate.

Eat at West Yellowstone

Island Park is very limited on restaurants, especially for breakfast. Your best bet is to get something at West Yellowstone as you head toward the park.

Spend Time in Island Park

Most people visit to experience Yellowstone. But Island Park has a lot to offer as well. It has miles of world class fishing rivers plus Henry’s lake is a fishing destination on it’s own, Mesa Falls (pictured above) is stunning, and Big Springs has water clearer than what you’re drinking. Plus if you love mountain biking, hiking, side X sides, or dirt bikes. Island Park has hundreds of miles to explore.

Pick at Least One Activity

Most memorable vacations include some kind of activity. Especially one you’ve never tried before. You may want to try fly fishing, mountain biking, astro-photography, wildlife photography, hiking, soaking in the hot springs, kayaking, river rafting, yoga, horseback riding and many others. You can find guides and rentals for all of those with a little effort.

Remember to Relax

With so much to do it’s easy to forget to relax. It’s common for people to get back from a vacation and say “I need a vacation from my vacation!”. Sometimes it even helps to schedule your relaxing time in. Find a field, bring a blanket, read a book, and enjoy!

Check Availabity

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