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All the amenities you’ll find either in your tent or shared on site at Starlight Retreat.

AC electrical

All tents have the latest tech in fully off grid solar powered AC electrical. Each tent comes with it's own solar panel and mini power station. This will power the lighting inside the tent as well as charge all your devices including laptops. Being an off grid battery solution, the power can run out and it can't power everything. It can not power CPAP machines or any small appliances as those require too much power. It has an output of 300 watts that can boost up to 600 watts with a total capacity of 256 Wh. Basically you shouldn't have a problem charging 24 mobile devices from empty to full. Or 2 of the largest MacBook pro laptops from empty to full and several mobile devices.

Extra Super Soft Blankets

Each tent has 1 extra super thick and soft blanket for each bed. The extra layer does a fantastic job of trapping your body heat under the comforter, keeping you warm during colder nights. There's something extra cozy about that combination of being toasty warm when it's cool out that we think you'll love. It's one of the things that makes camping great. If you like to sleep extra warm at night we suggest bringing comfy warm clothes to wear to bed.

Hot Showers

We have hot showers available for guests. They're near the restrooms and shared by all guests on site. Like everything else, this is all off grid. So the water is hauled in on a water truck, the tankless hot water heaters are all fueled by propane.

Biodegradable Soaps

All our wastewater (including showers) eventually makes its way back into the soil where it naturally breaks down in a safe and sustainable way. This is why we supply safe soaps and shampoos to our guests. They can be found in the showers.

Fresh Linens

We provide fresh bath towels, linens, and pillows for each guest. Please take your bath towel with you as you go to the showers. These are all changed out before each stay, but not during your stay. More linens or towels are available upon request.

Free Parking

Free parking is available on site. When you arrive, please make your way to the check in center where you'll be directed to your tent and parking area. Our parking map will show you all our parking areas on site.

Fire Pit

We have a centrally located communal fire pit near our welcome center that our staff lights every night by 7pm for guests as long as it's not raining. It's the perfect place to relax and tell stories of the days adventures.

Outdoor Dining

Our outdoor dining area is near the main firepit. All guests are invited to prepare and eat food here. Please be sure to use the bear proof trash cans when throwing away all food items.

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